About the Artist

matt-at-workFor my paintings, the term “multimedia” is an understatement. I use found objects, acrylics, oils, house paints, printing inks, watercolors, and pencils. I also employ multiple techniques, including brushing, sponging, printing, rubbings, reliefs, airbrushing, and just plain pouring it on. I love to layer multi-dimensional objects on top of one another, knowing that underneath each object is an invisible layer. My goal is to make the one-dimensional surface come alive.

Working with found objects and surplus paints and inks gives me a sense of well-being, esteem, and wholeness. When these objects are reappropriated, there is less waste running amok. It makes me feel as if everything we need is here, all around us; we don’t need to go out and get more. My work is itself a renewable resource.

For 25 years of my life, I was a homeless, disenfranchised, invisible person. My art became my vehicle of self-expression and a path to mental health. It allowed me to buy in, belong, take my place in the community.

My work is spontaneous, and in some ways random. Finding the objects is up to fate. Each object has its own peculiar shape, and I play with those shapes to create electric contrast. My eye can see what needs to go where, what colors will create contrast for the object. The colors and shapes are my playground.

My current work includes adding vivid airbrush work to the painting and printing so the objects appear to crawl out of the compositions. I keep the theme of randomness. It’s like working on an engine while it’s running.